Six Toed is about true hacking. NOT r00ting web servers to brag. We are for the exploration of technology and the quest to figure out how it works. We don't believe in platform bias and elitism. Hacking is about making technology do something it was not originally supposed to do.This is Six Toed, and this is who we are.

-Simon(Says), Af8e 4f5, Logical Gambit, RandomS

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 News 08/01/00 22:11:13am
Well we are back from DefCon 8. It was lots of fun. Only Logical Gambit and Simon made it this year. Hopefully we'll have a better turn out next year. And the best part of the Con was L.G. winning a SPARC 2 workstation in hacker jeapordy. You can maybe? read about it on Logical's page if he wants to update it *grin* (If you are reading this L.G. write up some defcon stories!) You can read about simon's adventures on his page... PS- Most updates now are on member pages and we will do "milestone" updates on the main page =P

Simon's Page

 News 07/07/00 02:30:34am
I poured my heart & soul into making one bad ass web page, and if you knew what was good for you, you'd quit your bitching!

Check it!

 News 07/03/00 10:15:13am
I was emailed a link today from a friend... This link was to a page that searched your "FBI Records" yada yada yada. Like an idiot I thought it was real =P Then I tried it again and go the same results... Heh. I also wondered how they had a picture of me from 11/04/94 too =P Apparently there is a picture of a money, but since I dont use X I dont know about that. Check the link below for fun I guess?

Check your FBI nonsense

 News 07/02/00 12:03:13pm
Simon has decided not to make a lynx version of the site because it looks fine already ;) Oh, I have updated my "member" page. Follow the members hyperlink and then follow the SimonSays one. There you can learn about simon, what setup he runs and interesting things that happen to him. All other 6t members are still to lazy to do theirs =P
 News 06/24/00 09:56:13am
Members sections has been uploaded. I don't have X windows and I did all the editing in emacs so I'm not sure if everything works right... Please let us know. All members should have a default page in their dir if they haven't made one yet...
 Site Updates 08/01/00

RM'd Lupus' from the "about" section. If you didn't know he is no longer with us. We have a members section now if didn't know and an outdated defcon 7 page =P

VMS: 1-877-815-7880 ext. 916 (Its toll-free.)