Richard W. Wong


Providing direction and management to help a company develop leading-edge consumer-focused applications.


ePhones (2000-2001)
Director, Application Development
Responsible for all technical application and web development for ePhones, a provider of websites and wireless fulfillment for over 250 different wireless retailers and partners, including Schwab, Outpost, Costco, and Kyocera. Developed patented technology for delivering partner-customizable websites served off a single database server and webserver farm. Developed technology to show comparative pricing and availability of DSL for multiple carriers for any U.S. address. Developed in-house system for shared, extendable website development. Developed WAP site for word definition and anagram lookup. Developed custom fulfillment site for Schwab and adapted it to use with other partners. Developed asset tracking database system. Managed and mentored entire technical staff of web applications developers and infrastructure technology group.
Avaterra (1999-2000)
Director of Engineering
Responsible for all technical development, engineering, and operations for Avaterra's 24x7 online virtual community services, based on Fujitsu's WorldsAway technology. Development of additional technology to support internet advertising and electronic commerce, using HTML, Perl, and Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, as well as continued enhancement of Solaris server and Macintosh- and Windows-platform client applications. Direct support for technical partners and technology sublicensees.
Fujitsu Systems Business of America (1995-1999)
Engineering & Development Manager
Management of Engineering, Development, and Operations teams for Fujitsu's WorldsAway service, a 24x7 multi-server environment for online virtual communities, including Solaris server and Macintosh- and Windows-platform client applications, web server, e-mail server, ftp server, and billing server. Management of WorldsAway Quality Assurance team. Responsible for design and coordination of testing of all aspects of WorldsAway 2.x and 3.0, including client/server application, web site, art, and world building. Design and development of WorldsAway 2.0 client/server virtual world application using Metrowerks C++ and PowerPlant, as well as Microsoft Visual C++.
Duet Development Corporation (1994-1995)
Marquis de Software
Development of 1.0 Macintosh client for Fujitsu's Worlds Away project using Metrowerks C++ and PowerPlant. Development of ANSI C read/write source code for Apple's QuickDraw 3D metafile format. Contribution to the design, development, and testing of Duet's File Genie Pro. Development of an application to demonstrate QuickDraw 3D functionality.
Storm Technology, Inc. (1992-1994)
Marquis de Software
Management of the team responsible for testing of Apple PhotoFlash 2.0. Tasks included product design input, test strategy plans, functional test plans, designing and writing automated test suites, and all configuration management builds. Integration, building, and test supervision of four localized versions of PhotoFlash 1.1. Design and implementation of the in-house Sadists MPW-based development environment. Interface design and implementation of PhotoFlash 1.0 using THINK C and TCL. Other projects have included completion of QuickPress and development of a testing suite for PicturePress.
The Software Department, Inc./Encore Systems (1985-1992)
Software Deity
Participation in the design and coding of a wide variety of Macintosh applications, using 680x0 assembly, C, C++, and HyperTalk. Larger products have included Full Impact, MORE Graph, and the EyeQ DVI video board. Other tasks have included technical specification writing and acting as a technical liaison for contracting clients. Invented RickDate, a human-readable, sortable time format.
Fran Wong Mechanicals, Inc. (1978-1991)
Production Artist/Computer Consultant
Designed and developed business applications for invoicing and payroll. Layout and mechanical production, including copyediting, design, and layout of Cue magazine using PageMaker.
Heritage Computer and Tennis Camp (1983)
Head Computer Instructor/Counselor
Computer instruction and camp counseling for grade-school and high-school children.
CompuCamp (1983)
Counselor/Teaching Assistant
Camp counseling and computer instruction for grade-school and high-school children.


University of California, Santa Barbara
Bachelor of Arts, College of Creative Studies, June 1986


Tournament Scrabble, Boggle, baseball card and stamp collecting, toy collecting, tennis, baseball, football, paintball, foreign languages (German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Croatian).


Available upon request.
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