1994 California Election Results

My recommendations for this year's elections and the actual results.
Prop 181 NO
Ask the state to borrow $1 billion (more than $1.6 billion counting interest) to build a system that will run at a deficit without providing for a way to increase revenues?
Failed (65.2%)
Prop 183 NO
The people have asked to recall someone. Don't let him sit around in office for six more months.
Passed (67.2%)
Prop 184 YES
Three Strikes You're Out. "Weak" YES vote. The law has many plusses, but it's not perfect. A NO vote might be the correct way to tell the Legislature to fix the law.
Passed (71.9%)
Prop 185 NO
4% gasoline tax to pay for buses, light rail, etc. which already has low ridership as it is. Until they can find a way to make public transportation work for the public, it doesn't make sense to keep throwing money at a system that isn't being used.
Failed (80.6%)
Prop 186 NO
$75 billion in government funds to provide health insurance. Single person making $60,000 annually would have to pay $1500 for health care, PLUS his company would have to pay an additional $5000. For this case, it seems pretty exhorbitant.
Failed (73.4%)
Prop 187 NO
Gov. Wilson has the right ideas about sending a message to the Federal government, but this statute doesn't seem to be the right implementation.
Passed (59.1%)
Prop 188 NO
Overrides the Clean Air Act, preempts any and all local legislation, permits smoking in the workplace (under employer discretion).
Failed (70.5%)
Prop 189 YES
No reason not to vote YES, but I'm pissed that the Legislature thought 189, 190, and 191 were important enough to spend over $1 million to make a supplemental ballot.
Passed (79.2%)
Prop 190 NO
Add new plum appointee positions under the guise of having more public oversight? A solution may be needed here, this doesn't seem like the right one.
Passed (63.7%)
Prop 191 NO
Weak "NO". This can wait until the next election when the Legislature has had more time to look at the issue. Should all Justice court judges automatically be promoted to municipal court judges?
Passed (60.8%)
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