This is the home page of Blue Dragon; a.k.a. kablooey, plavo (IRC), and Rick. I'm 33, 5'8", 155 lbs., and still single.

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Internet Baseball League
Manager of the San Jose Cañusis (1996 AC West division champions)
You'll find me on Piodoom by telneting to 7196. Anything can happen in three minutes.
Tournament Scrabble Player
Director of the San Jose Scrabble Club No. 21. My current NSA rating is 1845.
Baseball Card Collector/Stamp Collector
As well as most anything else collectible.
But not a very good one. Most recent 18-hole score: 101 at Orange Tree Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. (Gee, it's been two years since I've played.)
Tennis Player
Well, if I get around to it again.
Internet Relay Chat
Okay, I'm hardly ever on IRC anymore, but if I am, you would find me playing #boggle or trying to learn the Croatian language (#croatia or #hrvatska) using the nickname plavo.


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Zodiac by Neal Stephenson (+1.5)
An asshole environmentalist takes on large evil polluting companies.
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